Iam No Longer The Person I Used To Be

The most Important Reason Why You Should Constructively, and Objectively Dig Into Each Others Past love relationships, is because in any relationship experience, our emotions, our mind, our perceptions, our goals, always change.
The change is occasioned by the distances we walk spiritually, psychologically, Emotionally, and physical, from who we are as individuals in order to adapt to another individual world,who we later share our lives with.

When the relationship breaks it does not leave us who we used to be, because we would have travelled long distance, to be where we are when the relationship is breaking.
Consequently, by the time you are meeting him/her, after the break up or separation or divorce, they are usually not the same lady or man they used to be.A lot of spiritual, emotional and psychological changes would have taken place.
Before you meet them earlier own this lady or the man believed in love, believed in trust, believed in men or women. Their perspective about either gender was untainted, it was purely positive.
Following the break up, their confidence has been eroded, their trust has been abused, their hopes have been shattered, and their perception of men and women has been corrupted by the experience they have gone through in the just crushed relationship.
So traveling back with them to their past gives you the benefit of relating with the real person who they were as opposed to whom they have become. With the reality who the real person was or is, you can now build a friendship that can lead to marriage, or decide its a friendship that has no marriage as a future prospect.

Therefore do not shy away from sharing about your past to him or her, after all everyone has a past n we are products of our past whether we appreciate it or not.


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