Connecting With You.

You Are Definitely A Wonder, And A Mystery At The Same Time! The most important person in the relationship is you, because without you the relationship would not be in existence after all. The First Thing You Need To Do Is To Know Who You Real Are, because You Are Better Off Giving The Person You Know, Than Giving An Allien.

First Discover Your Origin! You Are God’s Image And Likeness!.When God  Sanctioned Your Making In Your Mothers Womb, He Figured Out You To Be A Spirit Like He Is, Have A Soul (Seat Of Emotions, Will And The Mind), And Have A Body To Be Able To Adapt To Life On Earth.

Who You Are Is A Mystery To You And Me, But Its Plain To The Person Who Created You. God Knows You, And Knows About You, Just Like Mr Sonny Of Sonny Electronics Knows His Sony Products, And Everything About Them Is Plain To Him.

Connecting With You, Will Be Accomplished Through Establishing A Relationship With The Person Who Made You And Sanctioned Your Assemble In Your Mothers Womb. You Need A Relationship With God, So That He Can Lead You Into Discovering Who You Real Are.

When You Bought That Television Set, It Came With A Manual, Giving You An Opportunity To Interact With The Mind Of The Creator Behind The Television Set. This Would Make You Get The Best Use And Performance From The Television Set, Without Compromising The Real Worth And Value..In Simple Terms With Knowledge Of The Television Set, Capability,Functionality, Its Limits, You Will In turn Get Value For Your Money.

Like Wise Your Relationship With God Will Lead You Into An All Time Discovery Of Who You Are Spiritually, Emotionally, Psychologically, and Physically. You Will be Knowledgeable Of Your True Value, Capacity, Ability (Talents And Gifts), Your Limitations (Weaknesses).

With This Knowledge You Are Now Ready To Connect To Someone Who Also Have Knowledge Of Who They Real Are. Your Relationship With Thus Be Founded On Truth, And There Is No Reason Why Such A Relationship Will Not Succeed.


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