Woman!You Are More Than That

As A Woman You Should And Must Dig Deep Into Your Intrinsic Self, To Bring The Treasure Hidden Behind The Beautiful And Wonderful Curves On Your Bodies. This Will give you The position of strength You Need To Enter Into A Relationship For Marriage.

Unfortunately, most of you have chosen an easy but an expensive option of flaunting your beautiful curves, as a trade off for the hearts of men in exchange.

In Your Small Wisdom You Have Expected That flaunting the Curves is an Incentive Enough to rend a man’s heart to love you back. But then after the transaction has taken place, ops you realize the guy duped you, because he no longer wants you , he is no longer fond of you like before, he has totally turned into someone you never saw and interacted with before. This has left you frustrated because you get back what you never bargained for at least from your point of view of the relationship transaction. You expected love and respect from him, and all you get is disrespect, humiliation, emotional abuse, and resentment! What real went wrong? You ask!

The Reason according to me is that; you used your weak point to negotiate in the relationship. Anytime you negotiate a relationship transaction based on your weak point, i guarantee you will be taken advantage of, and most importantly the relationship will be skewed towards the man. According to God, you were designed to operate from the depth of your Personality, (emotionally, and psychologically),because thats where the genius of a woman is.

But all is not lost, because there is always hope that when a tree is cut, it will sprout again, with the right nutrients, and weather. You need now to urgently, get down to work with Jesus Christ who will lead you to discover you intrinsic personality. You will be able to locate your default setting, one of operating from the depth of your personality. With this discovered depth, i can assure you, fake men, would be repelled away, and real men would be attracted to you. This time round you will go into the negotiation table from your point of strength, and the deal you will come up with this man would one that respects your true and intrinsic worth. Once you are able to do that, i strongly believe the next time i meet you, you will be crying tears of joy, and not tears of pain.

Action” Change Tact, And Go It Original Way, Godly Way, Which Is To Dig Deep And Bring Out The Intrinsic You, On The Table Of Life And Mostly Important On The Table Of Relationships.
Case Study[John 4]
The Samaritan woman had gotten enough of terrible bargains for six men she had relationship transactions, by the time she met Jesus at the well. But after a conversation with Jesus, she was able to see her true personality, her true worth, her true depth, and she was total transformed into a different person.
The last time she was hiding from men because of the shame, but after the deep conversation with Jesus, she goes to meet the same men, and this time round from her point of strength she persuaded them to follow a man who had changed her life.


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